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Paying It Forward

Being part of the Solution – not part of the Problem

Are you someone who would like to be able to provide solutions to these pressing and challenging issues?

Jan Hurley portrait

What if you were in a position to have a positive impact on these issues while working with people of like mind?

If you have entrepreneurial leadership experience and like being well rewarded financially – including with a new car, fully paid world travel and cash incentives of like $50,000 and more – here’s an introduction to the vehicle we’ve chosen.

Who I am and who I have chosen as my manufacturing partner.

Go here for more background information about us.

And here’s an introduction from an outside source about the uniqueness of the manufacturing partner I’ve chosen – Shaklee Corporation. In his words, buying a Shaklee product sends a message of environmental and social responsibility, which gives us one more reason to feel good about our purchase choice. View this short video to hear him expand on this concept:

Dan Esty – Director of the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale (2 min)

For an in depth interview with the CEO of Shaklee about the vision and expansiveness of our partnering possibilities, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

What we do, and what's in it for you.

Simply put, we help people learn to live healthier and longer lives through switching to Shaklee's health-oriented products from the less healthy commercial products they currently use. Besides our own personal experience and that of our existing customers, we have a tremendous amount of clinical evidence that this is a very smart and effective path to follow based on numerous studies carried out by reputable third parties and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. So basically, we recommend products that we know have enhanced our own lives to people we meet who express a need we believe that regular use of those products could help.

Basing our business on referrals works like a typical "affiliate" program, to use current internet lingo. For our efforts, we earn a typical markup on unit sales and a monthly "bonus" on the entire volume of our previous months sales and purchases. Most customer purchases are made directly from Shaklee through our own web sites, so we don't have to invest in inventory beyond our own personal usage needs.

There continues to be an increasing need for the products we recommend as the negative health effects of bad food and household product choices take over our country. This video is an excellent summary of the food side of this problem:

Why Supplement (2 min)

While we have solved this for ourselves, we feel strongly that we need to share our working solution with others. So this business is simply a natural way of getting paid for helping solve a pervasive problem – just like any other successful business!

And with the aid of the larger team to which we belong, we also train other people who want to join us in this effort. For helping those people learn to help others, we also earn additional bonuses in proportion to the success we've helped them achieve. Shaklee prefers to pay us for our word-of-mouth advertising to expand their customer base rather than paying large advertising agencies and media outlets.

In addition to income, we can earn many more benefits. These have been expanding in recent years when most companies have been cutting back! And new people can qualify for many of them within months of starting. Here a two of the most important benefits:

Cars: One of the additional benefits we can receive is a company car. But not just any car - we can choose what we want. And we get a bit more if we opt for a hybrid or electric vehicle. When we qualify, we receive extra compensation to use against our car or lease payment each month. This is in addition to our other forms of compensation.

Global Travel: Another great benefit that we can earn is company convention travel. And by the way, it’s high class travel, with expenses included. Some trips are in the US, but others allow us to explore the world as we qualify each year.

Here are some videos about these benefits and more on the company.

How we are different and what makes our alliance so unique.

What’s so very special about the product line we’ve chosen? If you want more information about the product lines, you can continue here.

Shaklee Difference and Product videos

Where we are headed.

If you’re open to an entrepreneurial and leadership venture, here is a bit of what I can offer – and why I’ve chosen the partner I represent:

Roger Barnett – Chairman and CEO Shaklee Corporation (4 min)

What's Next?

Do you see yourself in these terms?

If so, contact me and let’s talk about how we might work together. Either give me a call at (office) 305-271-4474 or (cell) 305-926-8280 or send me an email message using the "Contact Us" button above.