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You know how many families want to have the financial security so one or both of the parents can raise their kids instead of someone else? That was my situation 4 decades ago. I was a wife, mother of two and full time Pharmacist.
I needed a natural energy booster, too. A friend introduced me to the a basic nutrition program with Shaklee. Knowing I could get my money back if it didn’t work, both my husband and I tried it. It worked!
What I didn’t know, was that there was a way for me to stop the insanity of giving my kids to someone else to raise while I worked. Since the products really worked, it was easy for my husband and I to share the results with family and friends. Then the business opportunity awareness came into view. It was real. Within 6 months we had developed our home based business so that by one year, I was able to quit my Pharmacist job, raise our family and work from home.
It has been AWESOME! Over the years, we enjoyed all expense paid trips around the globe, car payments, tax savings, plus more. But what really empowers me, is knowing that I am helping improve the lives of thousands both physically and financially with Shaklee.
The Shaklee community is real. It is part of what pulled me through when my husband of 33 years passed away suddenly. My faith and my family are the other two parts that helped me through the loss. Also, if it had not been for my Shaklee income, I would have had to return to Pharmacy full time. My part time home business went from Plan B to Plan A.
What a blessing Shaklee has been to my family and my security.