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Company and Product Introductions

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Background Information About Shaklee

We believe that the character, integrity and purpose of a company are strong indicators of whether we should buy from and work with them. We feel very strongly that Shaklee is worthy on all points. This first section helps explain why we feel that way.

The Shaklee Difference

In Harmony with Nature:
Our Commitment to Sustainability

HealthPrint™ – Personalized Health Plan

The Shaklee Effect

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee Innovation Center Opens

Key Products and Product Families

Shaklee's products are the result of putting their "In Harmony With Nature" philosophy into practice through thoughtful and creative design, meticulous research, and uncompromising quality control. Here are some of our flagship products for your consideration.

Introducing YOUTH® Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care

The Shaklee Life Plan


The Shaklee Vitalizing Plan

Sports Nutrition – Shaklee Performance®

Shaklee 180® – Imagine a Leaner, Healthier You



ShakleeKids™ Children's Nutrition

Healthy Home – Shaklee Get Clean® Starter Kit